Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I believe we're living in some pretty stupid/crazy times currently.  But I am also incredibly optimistic about the future.  I believe everything from peanut allergies to Alzheimers to diabetes and cancer will be cured.  I believe this country will be strong and prosperous.  Those sorts of things. 

I also believe Noah and his generation will live to 120 or longer.  (I personally plan on living to 100.) 

So when parenting a kid under 10 seems like it's all so Right Now, and then teenagers and people in their 20s are also living Right Now, how do I raise a son for the long life?  How can I possibly instill that notion in him?  How does it affect the decisions I make, and the ones we help him make.

One big issue would be dating and marriage.  If you're going to live to 120, why would you even bother with dating in high school or maybe even your early 20s?  How do you pick a career and stay open enough to the idea it will probably change several times, so be invested, but not too invested?  How do you stay open to changing some things, but being consistent in others? 

Look at how much has changed in the past forty years.  How much more will in change in the next 40?

I don't know.  I'm fascinated with both history and the future.  Does it help to take the long view?

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Unknown said...

Those certainly are things to think about. When raising Marie and Brandon our focus was more on one day at a time and survival. I wish I had made different choices while younger!