Monday, February 9, 2015

How Things Work

On Saturday afternoon, we had lunch at Uncle Julio's.  And while Noah loves their chips, he didn't get his standard order of fries.  Later, when we were home, he wanted his usual fries and lemonade.  We said we'd already had lunch.  So, he said we could go on a picnic, get money, and go to the store.  When that didn't work.  He said we could call and get some - like we call and get pizza or chinese food.  When that didn't work he said the brown delivery (UPS) could bring it.  Poor boy.  He knows how all this works, but it doesn't get the result he wants. (Yesterday was actually very nice weather wise, so we did get his fries and lemon and chicken and eat at the park!) 

A few times, when we've been at various stores and getting ready to leave, we've explained to him that we have to give them money first.  Now, if you handed him a dollar bill, he wouldn't know that was money.  (Well, we did finally do that yesterday, just so he'd have an idea.)  But, he's not ready to make the connection between doing X and getting money, and then taking the money to the store and buying things.  It probably won't be long though. 

Last weekend we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner, and of course, walking through the store part, he saw a car and a truck he needed.  He took the car to the table with us, and then decided he had to go back and trade it for the truck.  (It is a very cool, solidly made old truck.)  He and I are done eating, but Ching is still trying to finish.  So he tells her it's time to go and to get up and go give them money.  He was done and was ready to go home and play with his new truck. 

He's also very into looking at clocks and saying either where the little hand is, or where it should be for X to happen.  He has no idea how to actually tell time, he just knows there's a connection there somewhere.  

In, he's kinda crazy news.  About a week ago, Noah told me the light fixture in the stairs said Hi to him. Since then, he insists that it be on all the time, because it's scary. Then, when he saw the other one like it in the downstairs hall, he said it had to be on, too.

Our boy is crazy smart when it comes to observing how things go and using that to his advantage.  

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