Sunday, March 29, 2015

Noah's First Movie Theater

About a week ago, Noah's school sent home a flyer that said a close enough movie theater would be holding  a special showing of Home for special needs kids.  The volume would be lower, the lights would be left on, it would be ok to bring snacks, things like that.  But most importantly, it would be a place kids could be kids and watch a movie.

That's where we went this morning.  While Noah is (or used to be until recently) is pretty good at sitting through a movie at home, we haven't felt like trying a movie theater.  These days Ching and I hardly go to movie theaters.  Between people acting like the theater is their own personal living room and the high price of tickets and the lack of really good movies, well, why go. 

But there was still a part of me that was thinking it would be fun on summer days, or winter break days, or spring break days, for Noah and I to go see a movie. 

Before we got there we put the chance of him sitting through the whole thing at about 50/50.

He did great!  Just over halfway through he decided to take a bathroom break.  Other than that he sat through the whole thing. 

It was really nice to be able to let him try this is a stress free environment.  And for a theater full of special needs kids - it didn't seem to be any different than any other showing of a kids movie.  Not all of the kids made it all the way through, and there was lots of wiggling going on.  Nothing wrong with that. 

The movie itself was cute enough. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Problem Solving

Once every two weeks, Noah's teachers comes to our house to do school stuff with him.  I enjoy seeing what they're working on, how well he does or doesn't do and such. 

Yesterday, she brought a puzzle and then a worksheet where he had to figure out which of these things is not like the others and put an X through it. 

Puzzles fall into the category of things Noah doesn't spend time on at home, like coloring and reading.  (Always remember, 2 bad moms!)  His teacher said something about Noah not using his problem solving skills to figure out where puzzle pieces go.  And then he was terrible at understanding the NOT like the others.  Again, something I would never have figured to work on.  He was good at making Xs though. 

Last night, Ching and I were talking about how funny it was that his problem solving skills would be in question.  This is the kid who can figure out how to manipulate his classmates to get what he wants, or manipulate the entire situation to get out of something he doesn't want to do.  Those are master problem solving skills.  Puzzles probably just bore him!

April 10 is the big meeting to see Noah's evaluation results and plan for kindergarten next year.  We still wonder if school will be a good fit for him.  Will they recognize and appreciate his strengths as well as weaknesses?  But, as long as he is happy being there, we won't worry about the rest of it!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Noah loves birthdays, and birthday parties. 

A couple of weeks ago, in an effort to help him with days of the week and time in general, we got him a little wall calendar.  Every morning when I go in to get him up, he'll ask if Ma is home, and I'll say, "Nope, today is Monday, Ma is at work."  So, he's at least heard me tell him the day of the week for a while.  (Side note, Monday and Tuesday when I went in to get him, he told me it was Monday and Tuesday - wow.)

One morning last week, he brought up birthdays, so I got the calendar and showed him that today would be Ching's birthday and all the things he and I could do that morning for her.  He's talked about it every day since! 

First thing this morning he asked if I was ready to go to the store and get cake and candles and balloons for Ma's birthday.  He's so sweet. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Still the Same

Over the weekend, I finally transferred the photo and videos from my phone to the computer.  I store all of our videos of Noah in my Google drive, so of course, after putting the new stuff in there, I watched a few of the old ones.  Wow.  (Unfortunately, the one I'm going to talk about I can't find a way to post here for you to see.)

I watched one from almost exactly three years ago of him out in the front yard with us.  The stunning part to watch was how he really wasn't able to speak at all.  He's always understood everything we've said to him, but it's amazing how slowly, but steadily his speaking has improved. 

The fun part was that other than speech, he's still the same kid.  When he saw that I was recording him, he ran over and wanted to see it.  Then he was looking for Ramen to come to the open screened front door.  Then he ran over to my car and tried to open the door.  Ching asks him if he wants to drive, and the one thing we can understand that he says is "Yeah!"  When that fails, he runs over to Ching for her to pick him up and then points at the car indicating that if he can't drive, she can take him wherever he wants to go. 

He still does all of those things. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015


We thought we had escaped it, passed it by, but apparently not.  Neither Ching nor I like the song Happy at all.  Noah has never heard it in either of our cars.  But yesterday as we were driving Noah started asking for the "happy... clap your hands song."  Several months ago, Noah's teacher was nice and made us a cd of songs they sing in the classroom - typical old school kids' songs.  (We don't really like them either.)  So, we put in that cd and found "if you're happy and you know it..." - nope, that was not his song.  Poor kid, we were failing horribly and couldn't figure out what song he meant.

Fast forward to lunch time at a restaurant with pretty loud music.  Happy comes on and Noah starts dancing like a fool and is, well, happy.  Yep, that's his new song.  It seems they've played it for them at school.  Sigh.  He usually has better taste.