Sunday, March 22, 2015


We thought we had escaped it, passed it by, but apparently not.  Neither Ching nor I like the song Happy at all.  Noah has never heard it in either of our cars.  But yesterday as we were driving Noah started asking for the "happy... clap your hands song."  Several months ago, Noah's teacher was nice and made us a cd of songs they sing in the classroom - typical old school kids' songs.  (We don't really like them either.)  So, we put in that cd and found "if you're happy and you know it..." - nope, that was not his song.  Poor kid, we were failing horribly and couldn't figure out what song he meant.

Fast forward to lunch time at a restaurant with pretty loud music.  Happy comes on and Noah starts dancing like a fool and is, well, happy.  Yep, that's his new song.  It seems they've played it for them at school.  Sigh.  He usually has better taste.


Megan said...

As I often have to remind Brian, we have planted the seeds of musical greatness but they do have to explore their own world. Brian dies a little inside each time the children deviate from our carefully crafted playlists but they always return. Happy will not be his forever song this is just a season. May peace be with you all during this difficult time!

Beth said...

That's funny. I'd love to know Brian's playlist :-) Noah generally has pretty good taste, this will not be his worst favorite song ever.