Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Still the Same

Over the weekend, I finally transferred the photo and videos from my phone to the computer.  I store all of our videos of Noah in my Google drive, so of course, after putting the new stuff in there, I watched a few of the old ones.  Wow.  (Unfortunately, the one I'm going to talk about I can't find a way to post here for you to see.)

I watched one from almost exactly three years ago of him out in the front yard with us.  The stunning part to watch was how he really wasn't able to speak at all.  He's always understood everything we've said to him, but it's amazing how slowly, but steadily his speaking has improved. 

The fun part was that other than speech, he's still the same kid.  When he saw that I was recording him, he ran over and wanted to see it.  Then he was looking for Ramen to come to the open screened front door.  Then he ran over to my car and tried to open the door.  Ching asks him if he wants to drive, and the one thing we can understand that he says is "Yeah!"  When that fails, he runs over to Ching for her to pick him up and then points at the car indicating that if he can't drive, she can take him wherever he wants to go. 

He still does all of those things. 

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