Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Soccer and Kindergarten

Slow and steady progress.  Woohoo

Last Sunday brought two challenges that Ching and I weren't sure how they would turn out.  Noah's soccer team had picture day, and then a little later, a game to play.  Noah's refusal to have his picture taken and play soccer are well documented. 

But, he surprised us!  We had told him of both events the evening before.  It's hard to say how much that helps, but I think it does.  When it was time, we got him dressed and went to the picture taking event.  Well, before leaving the house, he insisted on taking his little digital camera so HE could take pictures of everyone.  So that's what we did.  The parents thought it was cute, and then a couple of the other kids got their parents' phones to take pictures, too.  That's our boy - a natural leader, heh. 

Ching had to go with him when they went to do the actual pictures, but he got in line, had his picture taken, and then stood with his team for the team pic and didn't make too many terrible faces! 

We came home for a few minutes and then headed back out to his soccer game.  He was actually excited to be there and before the game started was kicking the ball with a couple of his teammates.  When the game started and coach asked if he was ready to go play he said YES - and went and played!!!  Of course, his play is mostly running after the other kids who have the ball, but he did manage to kick it a few times.  Not bad for his first game ever.  They sub out every four minutes or so, and every time he was happy to come out and get a drink and then go back in for his turn!  At the end he was just plain ole excited he had played.  Practice was yesterday and he had a blast there, too. 

Sunday night, when putting him to bed, I sat with him for a few minutes and talked about his big day.  He said soccer was fun, and I explained to him that Ma and I thought he'd have fun playing, and that we're so happy he did. 

The other big event last week was getting him officially registered for kindergarten.  It's been a long process.  First all the evaluations, then the meetings, the recommendations. 

He's going to be in a regular kindergarten classroom at our neighborhood elementary school.  He'll still get speech therapy once a week.  And, he'll have 35 minutes or more a day of assistance from the school's special ed person. 

This is all good.  I'm glad that the consensus was to let him try as normal a school day as possible and then if that doesn't work we can always adjust how much support he gets. 

Next year is a big change, twice as many kids in his class, only one teacher, and a 7 hour school day instead of 3. 

We know he's going to so absolutely sad when this school year ends.  So hopefully by the time fall comes around he'll be ready to try his new school and class!

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