Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The End of Pre-School

I remember when Ching and I met with Noah's teacher and speech pathologist at Old Bridge and they told us they thought Noah would do better at the public pre-school for special needs kids.  We were a little surprised and upset walking out of that meeting.  But, we decided to trust them, that they knew Noah well enough, and knew both schools well enough, to know where he'd get what he needed.

We're so happy we made the decision we did. 

With Noah, and his lack of speaking back then, it was hard for us to know just what he was and wasn't capable of .  I think we knew his strengths, but not his weaknesses. 

So, today, and the last few days really, Ching and I have been so sad that this school year is ending.  Not only has Noah loved his classmates and teachers and staff, so have we.  We're almost convinced this is the best school year he will ever have. 

One thing we admire the most is the way they made such great projects out of such little resources.  They did that pretend plane trip back before Thanksgiving that was so much fun for Noah.  They had pretend winter/ice sports with paper plates as ice skates.  They took the field trip to Pizza Hut and made their own pizzas.  These last two weeks they've had a summer/camping theme.  They actually set up a tent in the classroom.  They had a fake fire but made real smores - and Noah loved them!  They pretended to go fishing.  And they had a big pool set up one day and all the kids wore their swimsuits so they could pretend like they were at the lake. 

Another great thing they did all school year was send home pictures they printed of Noah and his classmates during these activities.  Noah loves those pictures. 

I don't even know how to gauge the changes in Noah.  It's just so much.  We're up to understanding about 85% of what he says - 100% when he slows down and wants us to understand.  We're starting to see him use his imagination more.  He's just such a smart, sweet, stubborn, bossy boy!

His biggest weakness next year (other than the 7 hour school day for kindergarteners) is that he's so easily distracted.  When he was just months old, we'd have to prop up his car seat any place we took him to he could watch the world.  He's still that oh so curious boy.  He wants to know what every sound is, what everyone is doing. 

And my sadness comes in part because this is the last few months he'll be my "baby".  Yes, he's already a little boy, but kindergarten is a big change and I feel like after that he'll be more grown up.  I'm going to miss having him around like I'd miss my right arm.  But that also has me determined to make these next couple of months good ones, just hanging out with him and having fun. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Soccer Season End

Last night, Noah's soccer team had an end of season party at Chuck E Cheese.  The parents decided to get all the kids little trophies for their hard work this season.  Our son got his first participation trophy.  And I'm ok with that.  It made him so happy!  He wanted to sleep with it last night. Ching talked him into putting it on his night stand.  When I went in this morning, it was on his pillow.  When he got up, he showed it to me again, and made a big deal of going down the hall, marching into his room, and presenting it to me.  Then he presented it to Peppa.  Then I talked him into putting it back on the table.

He was without question the worst player on his team - and that's not even including the first two games he refused to play!  But, he had so much fun.  After every game he would say "I loved it."  He liked going to practice.  I don't know that he had an actual conversation with a teammate, but he loved seeing them and playing soccer with them.  They were also very nice to him, they always made sure he got the after game snacks even though he was ready to leave and go get donuts!  As were the other parents who cheered him for his small accomplishments!  He liked his coach, who was also really great with him, patient with him, and helped him. 

We couldn't have asked for a better start to his participation in sports!