Friday, August 28, 2015

Job Change

As the time for Ching to be home from work nears, Noah and I are closing out an great week in a very long summer of the first five years of his life and the end of my dream job - being a stay-at-home mom.  I feel like I'll be more of a house wife than SAHM, but it's really just semantics. (Twenty years ago, I would state that my goal was to be a kept woman... being a SAHM is not quite the same thing, heh.)

I've had a hard time this week wondering if I've done a good job.  How much more could I have done?  What should I have done differently?  You know...  The result of my work is who Noah is.  And although I can't take all the credit, I tend to take quite a bit.  He's happy.  He's polite.   He's just a good kid overall.  What more could I ask for?

No, this isn't the end of parenting.  But it is the end of this specific phase of life.

We also did the week right.  We went to Kids N Motion, Chuck E Cheese, the playground, and the water park.  We ate lots of chicken nuggets and french fries and drank lemonade.  We watched the Lego Movie a time or two a day.  All before Ma got home every evening.

I've told him I'm going to miss him while he's at school.  He doesn't know what I mean, really.  But I trust he feels it. 

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