Monday, August 29, 2016

First Grade

This is what I wrote this time last year. 

Today is the same and different.  The same in that I'm going to miss him during the day.  We've been together almost 24/7 the past month.  Towards the end of summer it was a little iffy, maybe we were both a little bored.  Different in that he and I have kindergarten under our belts, we've got this school routine down already.  Thankfully he's still excited about going to school. Although he's not clear on why there are different kids in his class this year.  That's a hard one to explain.  

This year he has a Korean woman for his teacher.  I know it's supposed to make a big difference in kids' lives that they have role models and teachers and such that look like they do.  We don't really know how much it matters to Noah.  There's so much diversity in our world already.  She's very positive and optimistic about getting all the kids reading this year.  We'll see how our boy does. 

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