Friday, April 21, 2017

God is Good Part Two

How funny I never got around to publishing the previous post.  Probably so many reasons for that. 

I can't really explain the last four months at this time.  I have traveled from one of the darkest times in my life to one of at least renewed hope and optimism.  Ching has had her own journey during this time as well.  I'll leave that to her if she decides to share.  I tend to see these journeys at Divine intervention.  In the darkness I was able to reach out to a couple of friends just enough to ask for prayer. 


The other night we took Noah to his first concert.  We've been listening to Clean Bandit since Rather Be was getting decent air play.  When Ching saw they'd be playing at DC's 9:30 Club we thought Noah would really enjoy it, even if it did fall on a school night!  Zara Lasson was the opening act, and while I didn't know her name, I had heard a few of her songs.  She's really good.  Noah seemed to like her music, he was sort of head banging and then dancing his little heart out.  It filled my heart with joy for him.  We didn't get to hear all of Clean Bandit's set, but that was ok. 

It was also refreshing to me to get out and hear some live music and recall all the shows we went to see back when we lived in Austin.  It did my heart and soul good. 

Back to the previous post and Ching's job situation.  It ended up even more convoluted than written.  The company that took a chance and hired her before they knew if they'd won the contract - did NOT win the contract.  Sigh.  Once again, though, the recruiters there were so cool and found Ching another job within the company.  Even better, it got her back to her previous salary.  Worse, it's now at CIA headquarters - which will be her worst commute yet.  Today was her last day at the location she's been at for almost a year and a half. 

Due to the transition period, she's been able to be home in the mornings and cook some breakfast and spend time with Noah.  We're really going to miss that come Monday. 

As for me and the real estate endeavor - I'll try to write about that later.  So far, nothing is happening.  But I'm going to keep at it a while longer.  Nothing in the past four months has been conducive to getting a lot done work wise.  We'll see how that is going forward. 

God is Good

I'm writing this Friday morning, inauguration day.  Not sure exactly when I'll be able to post it live.

Almost two weeks ago, Ching was called into her bosses office and essentially fired. As you know, it was very unexpected.  Ching was in an odd situation at work, even for a contractor.  She was hired by the contracting company and placed in office X.  Office X, not long after she started working for them, said "hey, office Y across the hall needs someone with your skills, why don't you work a few days a week for them."  So she was "owned by office X, but doing most of her work for office Y.  Office X then had a change in the contract, which made Ching no longer eligible to work for them, so they had to let her go.  That left office Y without her as well.  They had no idea she was going to be let go.

This started a series of actions on the part of several people to get her a contract under office Y - to get her back.  That never happens in the contracting world.

With the presidential transition and other factors, Ching was really feeling this job search would be different than the others.  It had been a few years since she'd even had to look for a job, as one would end, another company would already be in contact trying to hire her.

We've been so blessed in regards to Ching's work.  It sometimes stresses her out, but she's been able to provide so very well for our family.

As I've mentioned, back in September, due to my optimism for the country, and on a word from God I'd read many times from the preacher I followed that God was going to give favor unprecedented to His people, I decided to give this real estate career a try.  This whole process has been a real exercise in patience.  I had a couple of really down weeks after the holidays, and then bam, Ching lost her job.
So, for the past week or so my thought has been, God hasn't brought us this far to abandon us now.

Yesterday, Ching got a call from her contracting company boss saying everyone was working on getting her moved to a contract for office Y.  Wow.  They had already agreed to pay her two weeks severance (through the 24th) - that also doesn't usually happen.  Her boss said they'd keep paying her until they worked out the new contract, which could take a week or two.

Basically, her being fired turned into a paid vacation.

She really needed this break.  She's gotten to rest, exercise, and spend some great time with Noah.  But, she's also seen just how valued she was at her job.  And her line of work can often feel pretty thankless. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Contracting Cycle

Last Monday night, Ching got a call from her boss boss.  (There are too many layers of management in contracting.)  He asked her to meet with him the next morning.  He left the impression there might be some small matter to address.  Nope, she was let go from her job.  Some higher up somewhere re-wrote the contract so that she was no longer qualified to do the job she was doing.  It happens.

In the ten years she's been a contractor, she's never had a job for two years.  Sometimes it's by choice, sometimes not.  This time really caught us by surprise. 

We have a decent emergency fund for times like this, but it probably isn't what it should be due to my real estate stuff and new stairs.  (We really didn't see this coming.)

As for my real estate stuff...  ugh.  I'm still waiting on two things to be able to actually list a house for sale or to represent a buyer.  Not that either of those things look likely to happen soon.  We'll see.

Ching was feeling a little burnt out and overly tired, this is never the ideal way to get a break.

Noah is just happy to have Ma home more, taking him to school and picking him up.  We've tried explaining it to him, but it's just as well, he doesn't really understand.

Sunday, we go get the new puppy - so that's something fun!