Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Contracting Cycle

Last Monday night, Ching got a call from her boss boss.  (There are too many layers of management in contracting.)  He asked her to meet with him the next morning.  He left the impression there might be some small matter to address.  Nope, she was let go from her job.  Some higher up somewhere re-wrote the contract so that she was no longer qualified to do the job she was doing.  It happens.

In the ten years she's been a contractor, she's never had a job for two years.  Sometimes it's by choice, sometimes not.  This time really caught us by surprise. 

We have a decent emergency fund for times like this, but it probably isn't what it should be due to my real estate stuff and new stairs.  (We really didn't see this coming.)

As for my real estate stuff...  ugh.  I'm still waiting on two things to be able to actually list a house for sale or to represent a buyer.  Not that either of those things look likely to happen soon.  We'll see.

Ching was feeling a little burnt out and overly tired, this is never the ideal way to get a break.

Noah is just happy to have Ma home more, taking him to school and picking him up.  We've tried explaining it to him, but it's just as well, he doesn't really understand.

Sunday, we go get the new puppy - so that's something fun!

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