Sunday, April 30, 2017

Conversation With Noah - Puppies

Our boy listens to everything.  Every.Thing. 

While putting him to bed, I told Ching she can talk with the vet about when to schedule Bloo's girl surgery.  (Bloo was in there with us being her little bit crazy self.)  Noah asked what we were talking about.  Now, not only do I have an extremely hard time lying to him, we also have a general policy of telling him the most truth we can for his age and such.  We simply said Bloo would have a little surgery so that she wouldn't have puppies in the future. 

Oh My.  First, it took a long time to clarify that there are currently no puppies in Bloo's tummy.  He's very familiar with babies in tummies because two of our friends have very recently had babies.  It was also difficult to explain "never in the future" because he's not great with time, and his "future" generally consists of stringing together tomorrows - ie. the day after tomorrow is "tomorrow tomorrow". 

Then he asks us Why Do You Hate Puppies??  And we busted up laughing.  He thinks puppies are wonderful and beautiful even when they come out the belly button and are a little bloody.  (Oh yes.)

At this point we really wished we'd been recording this whole conversation.  It was quite circular. 

Noah now wants to breed puppies so he can give them away. 

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