Thursday, June 22, 2017

Real Estate Update

There have been no updates because there has been no real estate.  I spent the first few months after I got my license doing the normal new agent stuff.  I sent out letters and postcards to my neighborhood.  I hosted a couple of open houses for another agent.  (This is supposed to result in getting buyers who don't have agents yet to work with me.)  I tried helping another agent find tenants for his rental listing.  (The goal here is that potential renters either decide to become buyers, or over the long term become buyers in the future who will remember me.)  None of this resulted in anything.  Nothing.  I didn't even end up finding the renters who moved into the rental. 

During all of this, my personal life was going through some of the most down times maybe ever.  The worst of it hit just as about the time I was going to finally start cold calling people in my neighborhood. 

Now, it's summer and Noah is home.  And while I know there are tons of moms who make work and being a stay at home mom happen, apparently I'm not one of them. 

So I'm at a professional impasse.  I can't do anything for a couple more weeks until Noah is at least at summer school three hours a day.  But it's hard to be any kind of motivated when the meager effort I've put forth so far has been futile.  I'm not ready to call it quits yet.  I just need one thing to go right.

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