Thursday, May 17, 2018

I, like so many other moms who blog about their kid(s), started off strong when he was a baby and toddler, then lost the thread as he got older.  Some stop because the kid asks them to, or the kids become more aware of being written about.  Some because like just gets too busy. 

For me it just became easier to do quick updates on facebook.  But now we know they're evil.  And, honestly, it would be very time consuming to get all that in a format that he could show his kids. 

But, Noah is still such an interesting kid!  And I love him more than ever.  Maybe I miss writing 

Our boy is a planner.  And a master asker of questions.  When I told him he was going to have dance rehearsal this Saturday, the questions weren't just about what time, and exactly where, but down to the level of would I walk in with him or just drop him off.  Ha!

Bath Time With Noah

He again told me just how very old I am. Which led to more talks on dying. I told him I'll be around to see his grandchildren. Which led to having to reassure him that girls have babies and not boys. Then he told me him and his bestie had babies in the 80s. (not sure where he heard "the 80s" but he thinks it's ancient history) HUH? So I asked if he was going to live with (marry is not really a word he gets) her in the future. He said yes, but he still wanted to live with me, too. And in this house, he doesn't want to sell this house.

If he wasn't in the bathtub I would have tried to record some of this.  He's so crazy.