Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Rest of the Story

I posted on facebook this morning - because it so awesomely reminded me - that it was ten years ago today I got the keys to our house.  Crazy.

We'd been in Northern Virginia for two years and houses were cheap enough and we thought it made sense to buy.  We didn't really intend to stay for ten years. 

Ching wasn't even in town.  She was down south doing Army officer stuff.  That ended up being a weird series of events that ended up with her finally getting out of the Army, although not quite the way she intended.  I did the entire move - even having to sign all the paperwork for her, packing and moving all the stuff, plus our dear Ramen and Silly and Little Man.  Then I got to unpack it all. 

We had a LOT less stuff then!

Just over a year later, we had Noah. 

Fast forward to the past almost ten months, and her finally getting out of defense contractor work - again just not in the way she intended. 

As part of this crazy time in our lives, and it seeming all the doors were closing on reasons for us to be here, we had scheduled an appointment with a realtor for today.  We had no idea it was ten years to the day later. 

Our house is going on the market.  We're moving back to Texas, the Dallas area. 

God has been so amazing this year.  He's taking us down a path we could never have anticipated.  It hasn't been easy, but it's been so good. 

The other day I decided it felt like being at an amusement park - waiting and waiting and waiting in the long snaking lines to get on a roller-coaster - hot, tired, bored but excited, nervous.  And now we're just getting into the seats. 

We know God is going before us, and making straight the path.  And if the setup has been this crazy - then what's on the other side should be amazing. 

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