Wednesday, May 8, 2019

I'm Not Stressed. You're Stressed

I keep waiting for the point in this process - this sell your house, move halfway across the country, to buy a house, start a new job, hope the boy isn't too worried or sad about all of it, start life over process - when I exhale and enjoy the process.  Life is all about the journey.  Right?

This week was not that week.  We got the pictures of the house done this morning for the listing.  The house wasn't perfectly ready, but that's ok.  It is ok, right?  I'm a list maker, a planner with backup plans for my backup plans.  There are still many steps in this process, and even as it becomes when "when" than "if" there are too many unknowns for my taste right now.

I keep telling myself this is where the rubber hits the road in Christian life.  What's the point if there's not peace and joy even in these stressful parts of the journey?  It's not about my faith, it's about His faithfulness.  It's tough sometimes.

But.  There's a lot of life on this side of the move.  There's beautiful weather - even if half of the days are rainy.  There's the boy playing in the neighborhood with kids.  Sitting in the front yard with Bloo because she loves to be there watching our current little part of the world.  The end of the school year.  The coming end of the dance year.  Time with friends before the move.  So much to enjoy.  

There's a song lyric on Amanda Cook's new album that is so simple, but means so much.  "This I know.  Of this I'm sure.  That You hold, my whole world." 

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