Saturday, May 4, 2019

The Rest of the Story 2

As I mentioned, Tuesday we met with our realtor to put our house on the market.  That meeting went well!  Now we're working on getting the house "picture" ready.  Whew.  Going all Marie Kondo around this place!  Ha!

On Thursday and Friday, a company Ching had applied to flew her down to Dallas to do an extended interview - get to know each other.  I was so nervous Thursday.  Lots of thoughts and prayers about faith, and having any, and that it's not faith once you know the outcome.  But mostly I felt things would work out. 

And they did.  Friday they worked out a start date, which she and I had discussed.  She'll be down there on the 28th of this month.  That'll give her time to house hunt while Noah and I finish up things here.  It'll be hard on Noah, but hopefully excitement will win over worry. 

So much to do.  Listing pictures, small and medium sized repairs.  Applying for mortgage for a new house.  Finding a new house.  Packing.  And on and on.  I know so many of you are experts at all this stuff!!  I joked when I got my Virginia teacher license I'd end up trading it in for a Texas one.  Gotta start that application process soon. 

So it's really happening.  Going home. 

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